90 Second Chat Series for #IBYE

Be confident in your delivery and tell your own story, says #IBYE Finalist, Ellevyn Irwin of Click Clinic
90 second Q&A with Ellevyn Irwin of Click Clinic.

No one knows your own business better than you – be confident in your delivery and tell your story,says #IBYE Finalist, Ellevyn Irwin of Click Clinic

Name: Ellevyn Irwin

Title: Founder of Click Clinic, Finalist at #IBYE 2014 

For anyone who doesn’t know, what is Click Clinic?

Click Clinic is an on-demand service app which connects people to Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) in just a few taps. All you need is your phone or computer.

Your background blends sport, business and healthcare – can you tell us more?

I have a degree in Economics and Finance BSc from University College Dublin and I graduated last month with a second degree in Physiotherapy from Trinity College Dublin. It is my background in business and healthcare that is the essence of this business. I am currently a Physiotherapist with Donegal Senior Men’s GAA team, Derry City Football Club and I have recently started with the underage teams in Leinster Rugby. 

I am also a very active sports person, having been a former Irish International Basketball player, an All-Ireland medal winner with Donegal Ladies GAA and an-award winning freestyle skiier in the British Isles.

As one of the #IBYE Finalists last year, what inspired you to take part in the competition?

I have had this idea for Click Clinic for over four years. I did not know where to start building the foundations of a business, never mind implementing one.

As a young girl from Donegal, there was a substantial amount of self-doubt that held me back from making my decision. I had no tech background, could I start a tech company in Donegal and was it even a viable concept?

Then one evening driving home, I heard a radio ad for the IBYE competition. I walked in the door and met my Dad, a successful entrepreneur himself, and told him I had an idea for a business and I was going to enter ‘Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur’ competition.

The rest is history. From typing my idea online, I now own and run my own business!

Tell us a little more about Click Clinic, how does it work?

As an active sportsperson, I have spent my fair share of time being injured.

When I called for an appointment, I wanted to be seen instantly because firstly, I was in severe pain and secondly, I was under pressure from my coaches to return to my sport as soon as possible. However I could never get an appointment when I wanted it.
















The Click Clinic solution addresses the market on both ends:

For the clients, as the new “Hailo or Uber for Healthcare,” we bring the HCP to the client in a location and at a time that suits them. Appointments can be carried out in the home, workplace or local sporting facilities. For those HCPs who are unable to travel or have well established clinics, for e.g. dentists, we allow clients to access last-minute appointments of their choice in real-time, in high quality local clinics.

What were the biggest challenges you faced?

The biggest challenge for me was not having a tech co-founder, or a co-founder for that matter. I have searched for a tech co-founder, however, I was unable to get someone, so I had to make the decision to go on my own and outsource the development.

If you can have someone to share your ideas with, it would be so much better – a problem shared is a problem halved!

You have a lot experience of pitching your business, so what are you ‘top tips’?

No one knows your own business better than you – be confident in your delivery and tell your story!

The power of pause is very effective – have a vital point in your pitch. Take a two second pause after; it will allow the information to sink in and re-engage the audience.

How has the Local Enterprise Office in Donegal supported your business so far?

The Donegal Local Enterprise Office (LEO) has been integral to the success of Click Clinic.

Any issues we have had or any advice we have needed they have been more than happy to help. Don’t ever be afraid to contact your LEO, whether you are a well-established business or are an individual at concept stage.

What entrepreneur do you admire and why?

As cheesy as this sounds – it’s not Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs; it has to be my Dad.

After graduating from UCD with a Commerce Degree, he set up a hugely successful company in Donegal, Irwin Electrical. This was an era where there were no supports like IBYE or the LEO to offer help and support to young entrepreneurs

To build a successful company like this, in Donegal, surviving both the bleak 1980s and the economic downturn, is an incredible feat.


To find out more about Ellevyn’s business, visit www.clickclinic.ie, or find them on Twitter here: Twitter: @Click_Clinic and Facebook here: /click.clinic.health