Regional Finals 2016

County Winners from each of the 31 Local Enterprise Offices are currently been judged and selected to participate in the eight Regional Finals held across the Country in the search for Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur 2016

Carlow – Wicklow – Wexford – Kilkenny Regional Final 2016

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Carlow Best Business Idea Dylan Scully  MatchDay
Carlow Best Established Business Kate Gaynor Advanced Coatings
Carlow Best Start Up Business Gary Flannery  Adrenaline Ireland
Wexford Best Business Idea  Mark Rowe  Mark Rowe
Wexford Best Start Up Business  Ronan McGrath  Elevation Construvtion Network
Wexford Best Established Business Jack Harte Harte Outdoor Lighting
Wicklow Best Business Idea Cathal O’Sullivan GameX
Wicklow Best Start Up Business Shane Bonner  Newmarket Kitchen
Wicklow Best Established Business Ken Carey Discount Supplements Ltd
Kilkenny Best Business Idea Mel Clohosey  SocialFeedia
Kilkenny Best Start Up Business Leanne Nolan  Leanne Nolan

Westmeath – Offaly – Kildare – Laois Regional Final 2016

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Westmeath Best Business Idea  Ciaran Walsh Health-Fix Medical
Westmeath Best Start Up Business  James Sherlock  Smart Business Analytics
Westmeath Best Established Business  Enda Geoghegan Lift Hire Ireland
Offaly Best Business Idea  Darragh Egan  Ballyealan Engineering
Offaly Best Start Up Business  John Clendennen  Giltraps Glamping
Offaly Best Established Business  Jessie Morris  Dezynamite
Kildare Best Business Idea  Jenny Reynolds  Topper Technologies Ltd
Kildare Best Start Up Business  Eoin Mulvey  LabCup
Laois Best Business Idea  Francis Cosgrave  Sonrimor Ltd
Laois Best Start Up Business  Alan Meredith  Alan Meredith Studio
Laois Best Established Business  Kelly Ging  Kelly Lou Cakes

Cork City – South Cork – Cork North & West – Waterford Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
South Cork Best Business Idea  Vincent Forde  Gasgon Medical
South Cork Best Start Up Business  Mark Moriarty  Awesound
South Cork Best Established Business  Richard Barrett  Pundit Arena
Cork City Best Business Idea  Michael Sheehan  Milis Bio
Cork City Best Start Up Business  Paul Moore Rebel Chilli
Cork City Best Established Business  Darren Hickey  Cleaner Car
North & West Best Business Idea  Fiona Edwards Murphy Apis Protect
North & West Best Start Up Business  Hayley Milthrope  The Cultural Food Co
North & West Best Established Business  Nuala Carey  Glengarriff Pharmacy
Waterford Best Business Idea  Anthony Cronin  Flexiwage
Waterford Best Start Up Business  Dara O’Neill  DreamBoat
Waterford Best Established Business  Kevin Walsh  Aphex

Galway – Roscommon – Mayo Regional Final 2016

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Mayo Best Business Idea Niamh McNally Wild Child
Mayo Best Start Up Business Rachel Nolan Rachels Irish Adventures
Mayo Best Established Business Nigel O’Reilly Nigel O’Reilly Goldsmith
Roscommon Best Business Idea Desmond Dolan MistCalls
Roscommon Best Start Up Business Kyle McLoughlin Posude Ltd
Roscommon Best Established Business Eoghan Kenny BeltLock
Galway Best Business Idea Moshe Zilversmit Signum Surgical
Galway Best Start Up Business Dermot Clancy One Touch Telecare
Galway Best Established Business Paul Killoran Ex Ordo

Dublin City – Dun Laoghaire Rathdown – Fingal – South Dublin Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Dublin City Best Business Idea Brian David Henderson Baon Diagnostics
Dublin City Best Start Up Business Samuel Dennigan Strong Roots
Dublin City Best Established Business  Paul McDonald  Sonitus Systems
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best Business Idea Aidan Kilgallon AK Rock
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best Start Up Business Gianni Clifford Fillit
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best Established Business Ciara Clancy Beats Medical
Fingal Best Business Idea Marcin Kulik SmartTrace Software
Fingal Best Start Up Business Seamus Tighe Everest Granola Ltd
Fingal Best Established Business Damian O’Kelly Nutritics Ltd
South Dublin Best Business Idea Darragh Mason Dublin Mountain Design
South Dublin Best Start Up Business Aonghus Shortt Food Marble
South Dublin Best Established Business  Kyle McLoughlin Irish Garage Equipment

Donegal – Leitrim – Longford – Sligo Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Donegal Best Business Idea Gillian Doyle Cerebreon Technologies
Donegal Best Start Up Business Rebecca Fluery Smart Steps
Donegal Best Established Business Brendan Toner Audit International
Sligo Best Business Idea Ronan O’Loughlin Lock-On Ltd
Sligo Best Start Up Business  Carolanne Rushe  Sweet Beat Ltd
Sligo Best Established Business Heinrich Anhold Stablelab (Epona Biotech Ltd.)
Longford Best Business Idea Rachel Masterson Mast Media
Longford Best Start Up Business Brian O’Rourke City Swifter
Longford Best Established Business Louis Brennan Fabiani
Leitrim Best Business Idea Aoife McNiffe Against the Grain
Leitrim Best Start Up Business Lorcan Kearns Wild Atlantic Crusades
Leitrim Best Established Business Michelle Fanning Assorted Fitness

Limerick – Kerry – Clare – Tipperary Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Clare Best Business Idea Damian Mason  Flexibod
Clare Best Start Up Business Aidan Quilligan Clubify (Clubzap Ltd.)
Clare Best Established Business  Evan Talty  Wild Irish Seaweeds
Kerry Best Business Idea Pádraig O’Leary Cora
Kerry Best Start Up Business Derek Counihan Harpoon
Kerry Best Established Business David Monson Monson Irish Jewellery
Limerick Best Business Idea Kelly O’Brien CDK Tech
Limerick Best Start Up Business Philip Mackessy Mackessy Technology
Limerick Best Established Business  Adrian Fleming Accuvio Sustainability Software
Tipperary Best Business Idea  Paddy Moynihan  Unibooks
Tipperary Best Start Up Business  Jennifer Nickerson Tipperary Boutique Distillery Ltd
Tipperary Best Established Business  Andy Spillane  Savvy Kitchens

Louth – Cavan – Meath – Monaghan Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name  Business
Louth Best Business Idea  Conor Duff Tactic Talks
Louth  Best Start Up Business  Roisin Hogan Hiro by Roisin
Louth  Best Established Business Margaret Robb Sweet Little Babies
Cavan Best Business Idea  Kellie Cunniffe Remember Me
Cavan  Best Start Up Business Daria Sadkina Stop & Stare Design Co
Cavan  Best Established Business Jonathan Scott Scotts Irish Cider
Meath Best Business Idea Alvan Hunt Hexafly
Meath  Best Start Up Business James Queeney MiDesc (JMAC Solutions)
Meath  Best Established Business Barry Goulding BSG Design
Monaghan Best Business Idea David Bowe  David Bowe
Monaghan  Best Start Up Business  Colm Connolly Rucksnacks
Monaghan  Best Established Business  Joanne Brennan Mulberry Meadow Farm