Regional Finals 2015

93 County Winners from each of the 31 Local Enterprise Offices are currently been judged and selected to participate in the eight Regional Finals held across the Country in the search for Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur 2015

Carlow – Wicklow – Wexford – Kilkenny Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Carlow Best Business Idea (pre trading)  Cory Stephen College Craic
Carlow Best Established Business  Rachel Doyle Rara
Carlow Best Start Up Business  Diarmuid Byrne EquiRatings
Wexford Best Business Idea (pre trading)  Richard Murphy MyMoodandMe
Wexford Best Start Up Business  Ian Coleman  LifeBites
Wexford Best Established Business Diarmaid Ó Súilleabháin D O Sullivan Consulting Engineers
Wicklow Best Business Idea (pre trading) Ross Lawless CALT Dynamics
Wicklow Best Start Up Business Michael Carney Raindrop Drinks
Wicklow Best Established Business James Keogh Rathwood
Kilkenny Best Established Business Jack Hahessy Madigan Kilkenny Rosē Veal
Kilkenny Best Start Up Business Graham Comerford  YECO
Kilkenny Best Business Idea (pre trading)  Blaine Doyle  GlowDX

Westmeath – Offaly – Kildare – Laois Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Westmeath Best Business Idea (pre trading)  Ayodele Onamusi Medilist Ireland
Westmeath Best Start Up Business Conor Cochrane Social Media Elite
Westmeath Best Established Business Dean Gammell DG Ventures
Offaly Best Business Idea (pre trading) David Payne  Plynth
Offaly Best Start Up Business Maria Byrne Arderin Distillery Ltd
Offaly Best Established Business Keith Lambe Lambe  Diesel Services
Kildare Best Business Idea (pre trading) Conor Devlin uHerrd
Kildare Best Start Up Business David Carey Nutraplenish
Kildare Best Established Business Tim Dunleavy Dunleavy Bespoke
Laois Best Business Idea (pre trading) Michael Casey M.A.C Developments
Laois Best Start Up Business Noel Walsh Walsh Agri
Laois Best Established Business Stephen Dowling Dúnmasc Genetics

Cork City – South Cork – Cork North & West – Waterford Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
South Cork Best Business Idea (pre trading) Patrick Corrigan Musica
South Cork Best Start Up Business James Foody Ayda
South Cork Best Established Business Stephanie Lynch OnTheQT
Cork City Best Business Idea (pre trading) Breffney O’Dowling Keane FruitCubed
Cork City Best Start Up Business Gail Condon Writing for Tiny
Cork City Best Established Business Jack Crotty The RocketMan
North & West Best Business Idea (pre trading) Stephen Murphy Ride-On
North & West Best Start Up Business Maeve O’Keefe Inspect4
North & West Best Established Business Aimie Musgrave Crunch Foods
Waterford Best Business Idea (pre trading) Liam Sexton Photo2CAD
Waterford Best Start Up Business Michael Treyvaud TreyBro Studios
Waterford Best Established Business Eddy Lynch Suir Sprayers

Galway – Roscommon – Mayo Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Mayo Best Business Idea (pre trading) Sean McGarry The Tidy shower Co
Mayo Best Start Up Business Daniel Loftus UrbanFox
Mayo Best Established Business Niall McCormick Colmac Robotics
Roscommon Best Business Idea (pre trading) Enda Mahon Mahan Solutions
Roscommon Best Start Up Business Mark Bannon Vizor Technology
Roscommon Best Established Business Oz Ibrahmi Hex CNC
Galway Best Business Idea (pre trading) Chris Murphy Bluedrop Medical
Galway Best Start Up Business Cian Brassil Birdleaf
Galway Best Established Business Eugene Greaney The Dough Bros

Dublin City – Dun Laoghaire Rathdown – Fingal – South Dublin Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Dublin City Best Business Idea (pre trading) John Horrigan Cara Mobility Design
Dublin City Best Start Up Business Isolde Johnson The Cool Bean Company
Dublin City Best Established Business Jamie White Youth Nation
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best Business Idea (pre trading) Curtis Moran Rook
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best Start Up Business Timothy McElroy House My Dog
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best Established Business Peter Roberts Roberts of Dalkey
Fingal Best Business Idea (pre trading) Cara Sturgess Loinnir
Fingal Best Start Up Business Dean Peters Comparison Windows and Doors
Fingal Best Established Business Gemma Rose O’Brien Adam & Friends
South Dublin Best Business Idea (pre trading) Christopher Conlon Pewter Games Studios
South Dublin Best Start Up Business Eugene Murphy Muscrai Suction Excavation Ltd

Donegal – Leitrim – Longford – Sligo Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Donegal Best Business Idea (pre trading) Niall McGonigle McGonigle Industries
Donegal Best Start Up Business Christopher Duffy Duffy Potatoes
Donegal Best Established Business Aisling Cunningham Powder ‘n’ Pout
Sligo Best Business Idea (pre trading) Amr Dawood All in One Loyalty Card
Sligo Best Start Up Business John Divers Transport and Removals
Sligo Best Established Business Rhona Togher Restored Hearing
Longford Best Business Idea (pre trading) Brian O’Rourke Huddl Mobility Limited
Longford Best Start Up Business Niall Mimnagh Mimergy Ltd
Longford Best Established Business David Sheridan Ship My Tri Bike
Leitrim Best Business Idea (pre trading) Iain Keaney U-Clid
Leitrim Best Start Up Business Edwina Guckian Éiru Online Dancing Company
Leitrim Best Established Business Jennifer Wrynne Jennifer Wrynne

Limerick – Kerry – Clare – Tipperary Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Clare Best Business Idea (pre trading) Peter Hunt Piggyback
Clare Best Start Up Business Diarmuid McSweeney True North Technologies
Clare Best Established Business Charlie Glynn Glynn Technical Diamonds Ltd
Kerry Best Business Idea (pre trading) Brendan O’ Connell Project Management Live
Kerry Best Start Up Business Shane Hassett Wazp
Kerry Best Established Business Erika Fox Retro Flame, T/a 5A Digital
Limerick Best Business Idea (pre trading) Chris Kelly Tallamh
Limerick Best Start Up Business Kieran Normoyle Deviate Aspire
Limerick Best Established Business Mark Sheahan Recycle Right
Tipperary Best Business Idea (pre trading) Sam Pearson Doodledale
Tipperary Best Start Up Business Philip Martin Blanco Nino
Tipperary Best Established Business Sinead O’Dwye Pressure Welding Manufacturing Ltd

Louth – Cavan – Meath – Monaghan Regional Final 2015

Local Enterprise Office Category Name  Business
Louth  Best Business Idea (pre trading) Andrew Nadin Dooskey Irish Whiskey Ltd
Louth  Best Start Up Business Mark Reilly Aphix Software
Louth  Best Established Business Keith Agnew MVI Cleaning Services Ltd
Cavan  Best Business Idea (pre trading) Tyrone Do Couto Real Dynamics
Cavan  Best Start Up Business Norman Ormiston BearRubber
Cavan  Best Established Business Alicia Treanor Nutri-Snax Ltd
Meath  Best Business Idea (pre trading) Laura Browne WaterScout
Meath  Best Start Up Business Rachael Darby The Bubblins
Meath  Best Established Business Diarmuid Gryson Envirosoil
Monaghan  Best Business Idea (pre trading) Colm Connolly Moo bites
Monaghan  Best Start Up Business Lisa Marie Clinton Avail
Monaghan  Best Established Business Mark Kelly Sculp