Regional Finals 2018

93 County Winners from each of the 31 Local Enterprise Offices are currently been judged and selected to participate in the eight Regional Finals held across the Country in the search for Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur 2018

Carlow – Wicklow – Wexford – Kilkenny Regional Final

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Carlow Best New Idea Paddy Byrne Boks Technologies Limited
Carlow Best Established Business  William Power Power Physiotherapy
Carlow Best Start Up Business Dylan Scully Match Day Technologies Ltd.
Wexford Best New Idea Robert Byrne
Wexford Best Start Up Business Brian Kenny Myshowadvisor
Wexford Best Established Business  Richard Malone Richard Malone
Wicklow Best New Idea Kate Dempsey Irish Mussel Seed Company
Wicklow Best Start Up Business Maurice Sheehy Fleet
Wicklow Best Established Business  Michael Noble Noble Education
Kilkenny Best Established Business  Eoin Treacy Glanway Ltd
Kilkenny Best Start Up Business Rory Gannon Third Course t/a Cake Face
Kilkenny Best New Idea Tara Hennessy Spydar

Westmeath – Offaly – Kildare – Laois Regional Final

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Westmeath Best New Idea Liam Tutty Dead Centre Brewing
Westmeath Best Start Up Business Ciarán Gorman Bevcraft Ltd.
Westmeath Best Established Business  Lisa Byrne Beautique Beauty Salon
Offaly Best New Idea Deirdre Hynds  
Offaly Best Start Up Business David Kelly Codeucate Ltd.
Offaly Best Established Business  Eoin Barra Arderin Distillery Ltd. t/a Mor Irish Gin
Kildare Best New Idea Matthew McCann Access Earth
Kildare Best Start Up Business Patrick O’Callaghan Kontex
Kildare Best Established Business  Eoin Mulvey LabCup
Laois Best New Idea Declan Dunne Crate Studio
Laois Best Start Up Business Jonathan Bracken Bracken Enterprise
Laois Best Established Business  Gary Cobbe Irish Polymer Extrusions Ltd.

Cork City – South Cork – Cork North – Waterford Regional Final

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
South Cork Best New Idea Martin O’Flynn Systemic Mind Ltd.
South Cork Best Start Up Business Conor Lyden Trustap
South Cork Best Established Business  Cliona Sweeney O’Sullivan Beautique
Cork City Best New Idea Joe Perrott Remote Signals
Cork City Best Start Up Business Tom Cotter Rash R’Vests Limited
Cork City Best Established Business  Paul Moore Rebel Chilli
North & West Best New Idea Oliver Smith Digedu
North & West Best Start Up Business James Gale StampOwl
North & West Best Established Business  Emily Ahern Evolve Therapy
Waterford Best New Idea Marc Power Mohecan Male Grooming
Waterford Best Start Up Business Anthony Cronin Flexiwage
Waterford Best Established Business  Robbie Skuse Kollect

Galway – Roscommon – Mayo Regional Final

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Mayo Best New Idea Cathal Mac Reamoinn Refocus Technologies
Mayo Best Start Up Business John McNicholas Inspire Tiles & Stone
Mayo Best Established Business  Daniel Loftus UrbanFox
Roscommon Best New Idea Peter Kilmartin Spicy Dog Media
Roscommon Best Start Up Business Nick Barker NBSTUDIO
Roscommon Best Established Business  Scott Hunter NCLS Crane & Lifting Services Ltd.
Galway Best New Idea Brendan Boland Loci Orthopaedics
Galway Best Start Up Business Padraic O’Griallais Micil
Galway Best Established Business  Michael Dyer Clean Cut Meals

Dublin City – Dun Laoghaire Rathdown – Fingal – South Dublin Regional Final

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Dublin City Best New Idea Flavia Wahl iBreve Ltd.
Dublin City Best Start Up Business Aimée Madden CliniShift Ltd.
Dublin City Best Established Business  James McElroy HouseMyDog
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best New Idea Jonny Cosgrove Meeting Room
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best Start Up Business Caroline Gleeson BID Recruit
Dun Laoghaire Rathdown Best Established Business  Conor O’Loughlin GloFox
Fingal Best New Idea Kevin Kelleher Ostoform
Fingal Best Start Up Business Alan Hickey WeBringg Ltd.
Fingal Best Established Business  Ryan Scott DropChef
South Dublin Best New Idea John Maguire Sensation Audio
South Dublin Best Start Up Business Jane Aspell Emma by Jane
South Dublin Best Established Business  Sarah Kiely Sadie’s Kitchen

Donegal – Leitrim – Longford – Sligo Regional Final

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Donegal Best New Idea Deirdre Ward Unlock
Donegal Best Start Up Business Ciara McGlynn Niche Specialist Staffing Partners
Donegal Best Established Business  Thomas McLaughlin Tadáias – Premium Cycling Apparel
Sligo Best New Idea Noel Dykes Frankli Communication Technologies Ltd.
Sligo Best Start Up Business Gary O’Reilly  
Sligo Best Established Business  John Flanagan Innovision Media Ltd.
Longford Best New Idea Warren Belton Magna Clava
Longford Best Start Up Business Loran Halligan Nine Arches
Longford Best Established Business  Tess Gillen Longford Fitness
Leitrim Best New Idea Raymond McBride Record the Knot
Leitrim Best Start Up Business Oz Ibrahmi Zenoz Ltd.
Leitrim Best Established Business  Richard Wilson Wilson Machinery

Limerick – Kerry – Clare – Tipperary Regional Final

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Clare Best New Idea Ciara McGuane Rathú
Clare Best Start Up Business Cristiona Ni hici Céile
Clare Best Established Business  Ciara O’Halloran Redbank Food Co.
Kerry Best New Idea Caroline Birch Wild Adventure Way
Kerry Best Start Up Business Niall Harty Harty Nutrition Ltd.
Kerry Best Established Business  Rob Durran XI (Research & Development) Ltd. t/a Xintec
Limerick Best New Idea Padraic Hayes
Limerick Best Start Up Business Chris Kelly Pinpoint Innovations Ltd.
Limerick Best Established Business  Paddy Finn Electricity Exchange Ltd
Tipperary Best New Idea Grace Tooher Jam Forest
Tipperary Best Start Up Business Brian Davis Solar Pump Solutions
Tipperary Best Established Business  Patrick Ryan PRWS Ltd.

Monaghan – Meath – Louth – Cavan Regional Final

Local Enterprise Office Category Name Business
Monaghan Best New Idea Patrick Armitage Sheskin Smoked Salmon
Monaghan Best Start Up Business Seany Mc Kenna Blasta: Gourmet Street Kitchen
Monaghan Best Established Business  Steven Murphy Old Carrick Mill
Meath Best New Idea Mark Baldwin GLOBOPOD
Meath Best Start Up Business Eoin Bird The Wooded Pig
Meath Best Established Business  Karen Stanley Seventh Heaven Hair
Louth Best New Idea Colin Marry Perma Adventures Ltd.
Louth Best Start Up Business Evelyn Garland Simply Fit Food Ltd.
Louth Best Established Business  Nikki Reddy Celtic Adventures
Cavan Best New Idea Ronan Kelly Bespoke Choice
Cavan Best Start Up Business Jessica Kavanagh Olann
Cavan Best Established Business  Peter Scanlon FJN Jewellers Ltd. t/a Elegant Gems