Terms & Conditions

Irelands Best Young Entrepreneur 

Terms and Conditions
1. Introduction

1.1 Participants must adhere to the Terms and Conditions when entering any competitions operated by the Local Enterprise Offices,  or any company or website owned or controlled by the Local Enterprise Offices.

1.2 By entering and participating in this competition participants agree to these Terms and Conditions. All entry instructions and any other specific details relating to the competition form part of these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 By entering the competition entrants are acknowledging to the Local Enterprise Offices that they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions and agree to them.

2. Entry

2.1 To enter the competition, participants must submit an online application or an application via their Local Enterprise Office which meets the eligibility criteria.

2.2 No purchase or payment is necessary to enter this competition.

2.3 It is intended that the winners will be announced as per the phased rollout plan. However the Local Enterprise Offices retain the right to move or alter dates of county, regional and national finals.

Eligibility Criteria for Applicants

  • • Aged between 18 (at date of application) and 35 (at 31st December 2019).
  • • Applicants aged under 18 at closing date for applications are not eligible to apply.
  • • The applicant must be the main promoter and owner of the business i.e. the applicant must have started or acquired the business and currently have the lead role in the business and a significant shareholding/ownership in the business.
  • • Re: Trading Income for applicants in the Best Business Idea Category. LEOs need to cross check applications before the County Finals judging. If income has been generated before the closing date for applications, then the applicant should be reallocated to the Start-Up category.
  • • The competition is based around the “entrepreneur”, not the company and therefore only the person named on the application can compete and proceed through the competition. Only the person named on the application can participate in Enterprise Day, Bootcamp, present at County, Regional or National finals, participate in PR opportunities and participate in the Google Training Day. No substitutions are allowed.  
  • • Eligibility for the Best-Established category starts from the closing date for applications i.e. 15th March 2019. Based on that date, Established Businesses are companies established before 15th September 2017 and Start-Ups are companies started after that date.
  • • Applicants must own, control and manage their business Intellectual Property where applicable.
  • • Not for profit and social entrepreneurship applicants must operate on a commercial basis.
  • • Applicants for Best New Idea that don’t have a permanent business address must enter the competition in the county which is their home address.
  • • Applicants for Best Start-Up and Best-Established categories must enter the competition in the county in which their business is located.
  • • Previous 1st Place winners of IBYE at County or National level are excluded from applying in the same category in any County.
  • • Applicants must be eligible to own, manage and operate a business in Ireland at the time of application.
  • •Applicants from overseas in particular Irish diaspora are encouraged to apply. Overseas applicants must identify which LEO they wish to be associated with and the applicant must be in a position to engage with the LEO in relation to evaluating their competition entry (e.g. site visit/skype interview). To receive an investment an overseas applicant must have relocated to Ireland and registered their business in Ireland, that business being the beneficiary of the investment.
  • • Applicants must submit an online application and optional video by the closing date of the 15th March 2019.
  • • Applicants can only enter the competition under one category-one project submission per applicant only


4. Investment and Supports

4.1 The competition consists of County, Regional and National Investment Funds and targeted development supports.

4.2 The winners will be announced from all the entries received.

4.3 The competition winners must invest any financial supports received  in the pursuit of developing the idea or the business and these financial supports are not transferable to another person or entity.

4.4 The Local Enterprise Offices, affiliates, sponsors and representatives are not responsible for misuse of any investment and/or supports  or claims, liability, loss or damage arising out of or in connection with any competition promoted by the Local Enterprise Offices.

4.5 The Local Enterprise Offices retain the right to disqualify any entrant to any competition when it considers the applicant has not met with the eligibility criteria.

4.6 The decision to award a winner in any category is up to the LEO Judging Panel, however the minimum score to be considered as a possible winner is 50% of the overall mark.

5. The Competition

5.1 Fraudulent, unreadable or incorrect entries will not be accepted (at the absolute discretion of the Local Enterprise Offices).

5.2 The decision of the IBYE Assessment Panels is final and beyond question in all circumstances. No canvassing in any situation will be allowed.

6. Publicity

6.1 Competitors may be required to participate in a photo, video and/or film session, and must acknowledge that the Local Enterprise Offices have the rights to use such publicity photos, videos and/or films in any medium and in any way it sees fit.

6.2 By entering a competition an applicant will automatically give permission for use of certain personal data and where this situation arises this information will be kept in accordance with our Data Protection Policy.

7. Local Enterprise Offices– Exclusion of Liability

7.1 The Local Enterprise Offices are not liable in any way for any costs, expenses, damages, liability or injury arising out of or in any way connected with the competition.

7.2 The Local Enterprise Offices accept no legal responsibility for any loss of profit, business, contracts or revenues incurred by the applicant.

8. Jurisdiction

8.1 These rules shall be applied and understood in accordance with Irish Law.

8.2 The Local Enterprise Offices or any of its agents have the rights to add or amend to the Terms and Conditions at any time.